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Capture ideas from your team or customers, then apply our advanced filters and sorting to find the highest impact ideas for the refinery. View your ideas in card or list layouts that provide actionable data to help get more work done in less time.
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As your idea moves through the refinery you can create wireframes, attach files, compose documents, add comments or tags, raise blockers, and much more. This will help your team validate ideas, get involved in feature discussions, and produce well defined feature deliverables.


Once refined, your ideas along with their deliverables can be placed onto your product roadmap. Now you can plan delivery and provide visibility of your current strategy to get alignment across your entire organization.
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Chrome Extension + Jira Integration

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Idea-Refinery is packed full of even more features your team will love.
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Idea-Refinery was built from the ground up with your security in mind. Data is always encrypted in transit via https and at rest on our servers.
Robust File Storage
Upload any type of file and have an idea page be the go to place for feature assets.
Wireframing Tool
Built in wireframe and flow chart tooling to prototype and iterate on designs as quickly as possible.
Duplication Prevention
While creating ideas we can alert you to similar ideas on the fly.
Custom Fields & Workflow
Create custom fields and manage workflow by controlling which fields become required at different stages of our refinery process.
Drag & Drop
Just drag and drop ideas in the refinery and on the roadmap.
Rich Text Editor
Full featured rich text document creation and editing.
A way for anyone to raise the flag on an idea to indicate it may have technical or other issues in it's current form
You can define and approve deliverables to help all members of the team to do their respective work when it comes time to implement an idea.
Allow for easy team communication on all ideas.
In the application, on your desktop, and in your inbox.
Impact & Effort
Keep track of 'Impact' & 'Effort' on all ideas for easy prioritization.
Team Management
Allow team members to be added and removed from ideas at any time.



Unlimited Users!

$ 20 month

    All features detailed above including

  • Refinery & Roadmap Access
  • Custom Fields
  • Workflow Management

    and much more!
  • 10GB file Storage
  • 25MB maximum file size