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GIFT adds transparency to interchange fees!

Stop guessing what your transaction fees will be and gain a competitive edge with GIFT's interchange fee insights.

Global Payments


Global Interchange Fee Transparency

A Real-Time Solution for Interchange Fee Calculations

Our software solves the problem of unreliable and hard-to-predict interchange fees. GIFT quickly and accurately calculates the expected fees for any given transaction, eliminating the guesswork and overcharging associated with traditional methods. GIFT provides reliable data that you can use to make smart decisions, ensuring you never have to worry about over or under charging and losing out on business.

How does it work?

GIFT comes with a 'first pass' ruleset that is used to calculate the fee estimates, (These fees change every quater).
You connect your transaction feeds (via API, Queues, or direct Database connections) to the platform and GIFT outputs the expected fees for a given transaction using these rules.
You can run past data through the system to simulate transactions, validate expected fees and audit discrepancies in your past fees. Plus, easily determine how new fees will affect your business with projections based on simulating the new rules.
You can now edit the rules with our IRE (Interchange Rule Editor) and see how these changes affect the accuracy of fee calculation.

To learn more about GIFT, what an implementation looks like, and how fast you can achieve success, please inquire at the link below.

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